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The Plant-Human Connection
Clair strongly believes in the inherent connection between plants and human life. Ecosystems not only sustain us, but art can also serve as a powerful tool to help others appreciate the beauty and significance of nature. Her work is aimed at inspiring others to paint what they love, while also encouraging them to capture and communicate their thoughts about the natural world.
It is a call to action, reminding us that we must take active steps to protect our planet, from the smallest houseplant to the grandeur of the entire Earth.
Preserving Nature Through Art
Teaching is of utmost importance to Clair's mission. It involves assisting individuals in finding the right words to express their passion for the world, connecting the gap between science and art. The key to this process is observation, akin to a scientist's sharp eye, and it's through the intersection of science and art that genuine inspiration is attained.
Science communication is another area that Clair is deeply invested in. She believes that art is a natural means of communication, capable of sparking interest in specific topics and generating conversations. Inspired by women who've gone against the grain, Clair's botanical illustrations pay homage to their scientific contributions.
Botanical art is an amalgamation of multiple disciplines and inspires curiosity, providing a platform for people to discuss and learn how to communicate about science effectively.
Join Clair on an artistic and educational journey where each brushstroke and pencil mark celebrates the beauty of the natural world, advocating for its preservation. Through art and education, Clair strives to create a world where art and science coexist harmoniously, and the wonders of nature are cherished and protected for generations to come.

Preserving Nature's Beauty Through Art and Education

Clair is an artist who has been passionate about art and the environment since childhood. Her early love for abstract landscapes evolved into a profound connection with the botanical world, giving rise to a unique artistic vision that now flourishes at the intersection of art and science.

A Love for Botanicals

Clair's solution lies in her profound connection to the environment and her personal love for gardening. This passion for the natural world, combined with an insatiable curiosity for color and form, led to a pivotal moment. It was then that she realised botanical illustration, especially in colored pencil, was the perfect medium to capture and record her intimate experiences with nature.

Art as Experience

To Clair, art is more than just a visual representation that embodies her encounters with plants and scenes. Art conveys what a plant looks like and how it feels to observe and care for it. The process of creating art is akin to telling a story, as it preserves a moment in time that can be shared with others.

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